Your partner in the supply chain


In the offer from SIT SOLUTIONS Sp. z o.o. one can find specialised building materials which we deliver to general contractors, individual and institutional investors and construction wholesalers. We work with leading producers in the industry with known brands, thanks to which we deliver goods of the highest quality, realising the most complex orders.

Due to the fact that we sell wholesale for large batch orders, we offer our customers attractive discounts, and in the purchase price of the goods is transport and unloading at the construction site.

Among the hundreds of choices in our offer, we can exchange the following:

• concrete paints (concrete floor and fencing)
• acrylic-silicon and epoxy coatings on concrete
• latex and acrylic paints
• fasade paints (acrylic, silicate, silicon, polysilicate, structural, special)
• lacquers for stone and paving stones

• wood stainers, paints, varnishes, and wood impregnates
• mineral and metallic hardener for concreto floors
• hardening sprinkles
• concrete impregnates

• universal surfaces:
• plaster primers (mineral, acrylic, silicate, silicon, silicon-silicate);
• primers for facade paints;
• specialist primers;
• bitumen mass primer;
• facade plasters (mineral, acrylic, silicate, silicon, silicon-silicate);
• special plasters;
• cement-lime plasters;
• mosaic plasters and aggregate plaster mosaic;
• gypsum plasters;
• lime plasters;

Please call us or contact us via the contact form. We may always organise for our customers orders outside the range of the above categories.