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Aluminium wire rod – goods with a standard diameter of 9.5mm and 12mm we deliver without any packaging in a single section with untangled coils, attached by steel tape in four places. At your request we accept packaging of the coils in foil and delivery on wooden pallets. It is also possible to package the coils lying horizontally. Depending on requirements, we are able to deliver also alloy rods.

Coil mass: 1000 ÷ 2500 kg, in the case of T4 – a maximum 1500 kg

Coil dimensions:
• internal diameter: 550+/-10 mm or 760+/-10 mm,
• external diameter: max 1450 mm,
• width: 850 mm+/-10 mm.

Examples of application: wire rod is used for the production of power cables, in our company’s offer one can also find non-conductive wire rod used in the steel industry as an deoxidiser.