Your partner in the supply chain



Effective Order Process and Precise Inventory Management

We realise that uninterrupted operations are dependent on the effective management of stock in the inventory, thus we cooperate with the most modern Logistics bases in Europe. We have in our warehouse over 500 tonnes of materials and several hundred products in a wide range of versions, shapes and sizes, requiring the use of advanced tools in the management of such a warehouse, but also the precise and effective implementation of our clients’ orders.




Fast delivery – our priority

In accordance with the standards of customer service through our firm, over 90 percent of orders are realised in a timeframe of 48 hours. However, realisation of deliveries regionally takes up to 4 days. We make every effort to ensure that deliveries to locations further afield are realised in a competitively low time.

Provided by the SIT SOLUTIONS Sp. z o.o. prompt delivery is made possible by:

• Convenient location of warehouses
• Very high availability of materials
• Operation of warehouses in continuous mode
• Operational flexibility and speed of response to the growing needs of customers
• Excellent cooperation with leading European carriers and trusted drivers

Vehicles deliver our firm’s materials every day to our clients locally and in over 40 different locations across Europe.




A good customer is for us the highest priority, which is why we also offer our customers the best possible customer service. We have at our disposal our specialists, who are always ready to give advice and help you in finding a convenient solution to special requirements and individual needs in a wide range of service, which include: